A Plead and a Warning, a Warning and a Plead...

The Plead
So you want to wear the shoes?  Very well then.  As the proud owner of these shoes, please promise me that you will take great care of them by living the crap out of life in them.  That's what they were made for.  They were made for happy occasions and sad occasions.
Please make sure to take them out, they like concerts, movies, dates, parties, birthdays, weddings, dinners, and many other fun celebrations.  My shoes also love the library and a great book, and shopping. Oh, and they do wonderfully in museums.  My shoes love to travel and love to live in fantastic places like NYC and ¡Brooklyn!  London, Paris, Milan, Venice (that is where they were born!), they love Bogota and can't get enough of Barcelona.  They also love wonderful small towns as well.  They do love the fresh crisp air in Lugano, being with friends in Aspen, The Hamptons, the warm air in Guanajuato, and many other great places!  

Please do take my babies to the pool, they look great in a bikini, tankini, monokini,  and all of those new words that mean swimsuit. 
The warning...
One very important thing though and please beware: They do not do well swimming.  Please do not take a shower with them, jump in the pool, hot tub, or snow.  Dancing in the rain is very romantic, when you are wearing rain boots or barefoot, not in these shoes.  Unless you plan on buying a back up pair.

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