These are the most popular questions I've received over the years.  If you have a question that is still not  answered, feel free to contact me via the following 
shoesofcourse at gmail DOT  you know the rest.

Q. I want a pair! Where can I buy your shoes? 

A. There are several ways to purchase the shoes
Please visit us at THE SHOP 

If in Dallas, please visit this darling boutique:
 Pome at 8320 Preston Center Plaza, Dallas TX 75225,  214.361.0968  

Love Shoes?  Want to meet me? We have trunk shows throughout the year where you can get a sneak peak at what's to come, and you get the opportunity to purchase shoes not available anywhere else.

Q.  How many shoes do you own? You must have a lot of shoes. 

A. That depends, do I count the ones that I'm supposed to sell since I own those as well?  Let's say we don't count those... I don't know. I'm doing inventory at the moment, so first I have to count those. When I finish that inventory, I'll start counting my personal shoes.  I bet I don't have as many as you think!

Q. Do you only wear your shoes?

A.  I love all shoes, and I used to have a pretty big collection of other brands, but after couple of times of not wearing my own work, the questions become too much. 

After a couple of years of always wearing my own shoes, I decided to take out a pair of forgotten Chanel shoes for a spin.  An hour later I was cursing my decision after hearing :

Everyone:  Oh, are those your shoes? I did not see them on your site. 
Me:  Oh, no I've had these for a while.
Everyone:  Aw, well why aren't you wearing your shoes?  I would have loved to see them!  
Or: Oh, too bad, I really wanted to show my neighbor / husband / wife / friend / kangaroo the shoes you make, she / he / it was quite excited to see them.   
OK, so maybe they did not say neighbor.  

This happened once after two years.  Months later I felt like I was neglecting a part of my past, that time when I only dreamed of shoes but had not yet moved to Europe to learn how to make them.  I decided to take a pair of Alaia's out for lunch.  Repeat of what happened months before!   The guilt of neglecting my own shoes was too much!  

Since my shoes are made by hand, I do not make sneakers or anything injected.  Enter my Chucks, Pumas,  Ferragamo wellies and my Juncal Aguirre espadrilles.  Those are the only pairs that I can get away with wearing and not get that guilty feeling.  About the espadrilles:  Juncal Aguirre.  They make the most wonderful and comfortable espadrilles in the world.  They also make their shoes by hand.  I've been to their factory.  It's amazing!   

Q. So what happened to all of the shoes you owned  before starting Rocio Ildemaro?
A.  Ha! My sister E happens to be the same size as me.  This is what happened:
Last year, I reached into my closet and gave her a box, told her that was a gift. She was so happy!  I then reached in for a second pair.  She started clapping.  Yes, my mom, sister and I do clap out of giddiness.  I kept doing it until I had no more shoes made by others.  I think she almost fell over with joy!  
It was  A W E S O M E!
I'll respect her privacy, since I have no idea how she feels about appearing on my blog.  If you really want to know what she looks like,  just look at a picture of me, then think CUTE!  OK, now add more cute.  Now you know what she looks like!

Q. I see your legal counsel is named Scarpe.  What does that mean?

A.  It means, SHOES.  He is named shoes.  But in Italian.   He is quite the gentleman that Scarpe.  Handles all my legal issues swiftly.  You haven't seen my shoes knocked off on Canal Street, right?  He makes sure no one copies or lifts my designs.

Q. Are you hiring?

A.  Since we make our shoes near Venice, Italy,  it's difficult to hire someone in the Americas since our work is really in Italy.  Also, we are a very tiny team, and I have been known to pay in raw chicken, and bird seed.  I hardly think anyone would really want to work for that kind of pay!

Q. How many languages do you speak?

A. I speak English and Spanish fluently, and I speak Shoe Italian.
I do dream in all three.  It makes for very confusing mornings sometimes.
I would love to learn more languages. 

Q. What influences you?

A. Click on HOME and check out my blog!  It really does show you that  EVERYTHING influences me!

Q. Why is the blog in English and Spanish?
 A. While my mom and dad read English, I would love it if they kept up with it. The blog, I mean.  They already keep up with English, silly.  Though I seriously doubt they are reading this!  ¿Estan leyendo esto?  See?  Silence from both!  

I have many readers from Spanish speaking countries.  Also, people reading in Italy can follow the Spanish part and practice their Spagnolo.  I can't go out for drinks in Italy without speaking Spanish.  Everyone wants to practice their Spanish, and I get out voted for practicing my Italiano. 

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