Selfish blogger

Oh boy, I'm selfish.  I know there's at least one person that randomly checks this in hopes of catching up/entertainment/a cure for insomnia.

It's hard for me to open up and share.  I've been busy, so one would think I would have tons to write about.  And I might, but I never know what exactly to share.

With everyone around us over sharing:

  -let's post a picture of this grilled cheese we made so that we can get accolades!
  -look! I'm at the gym!
  -my feet are at the beach!
  -Ugly baby
  -weird baby
  -cute baby
  -it's another meal! At a restaurant!

We are inundated with sharing.  And when asked how I am or what's new, I just smile and say "Oh I'm great! Everything is the same, no changes" but sometimes every thing is spectacular and I just want to keep that little bubble of fireworks all to myself.  But really my question to my friends that get on my case for not writing is always the same -who would really want to know what I'm up to? And what exactly do I share?

If bogging were a dessert, I would glare at you and tell you through gritted teeth to Get.Your.Own.
That's how selfish I am.  Yet I have a blog.  Oh I've been writing you, by the way.  I just don't hit publish.  Lovely, huh?

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. I'll share a before and after image.  Since I have naturally curly hair, it's been rather rambunctious lately.
That should give someone out there a good laugh. Hopefully it'll be the before and not the after.

I bet you want a picture right now.  Well, too bad.  I'll add one later. It's late and I should be asleep.
Oh I know. Here's an idea for a future post:
The Best Hen (Bachelorette) Weekend party ever!  I'll even share pictures with helpful tips.

Hugs, kisses and Shoes (let's hope I remember to hit the 'publish' button

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