Turkey: Antalya and Cirali

The Mongolian and I headed to the beach after a few days in Istanbul.  

Our first stop was Antalya.  We stayed at a nice hotel, but all of the beaches in our area were off cliffs.  It made for a fun party, where every day there were dj's and partying on this huge massive deck where we could dive into the ocean and swim.  
I have to confess, though, the water was too cold for me there.  It was the perfect excuse to rent a scooter and go in search of the other beaches.   Anything under boiling is too cold for me.
The view from our balcony

As we drove to explore other beaches, we discovered an amusement park! We just had to go back to it that night.  And it was the worst thing we could have done.  The Mongolian rode the tall tower zipper hammer ride -I don't really know it's name.  It was great to see him fly up there.  Then came the mistake: that pirate boat ride. We were the only people on that ride and the operator let the ride go FOREVER.  We stumbled off the boat of death and I was sick for two days. Gross.  I would go back today if I could. 

Another place we discovered while looking for other beaches: 
Duden Waterfalls

Which had yet another surprise for us.

Sometimes it pays off to jump on a scooter, get lost and discover your new surroundings.  (If the town is safe for tourists to explore, that is)

After a few days in Antalya we headed south west to Cirali, a tiny village next to Olimpus with inns, or pensions as they prefer to call them.  While it got a little more crowded on the weekend, the beaches were practically empty during the week.  
I called it pebble beach.  

We took a boat ride, snorkelled, (the Mongolian spotted some sea turtles) and had lunch on the boat.

Most of the pensions, or pansiyons had relaxing courtyards like this.  Some had chickens running around. We had ducks. Pebbles and Marble as another couple staying there with us names them.

I'm torn with wanting to tell everyone about Cirali and wanting to keep it all to myself.

Hugs, Kisses and Shoes,
Rocio Ildemaro
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