Team Running Late! Training update 1

First time to run

As I walked then sped up gradually to a trot, I made it about ten or so houses before my lungs started  to feel a little warm. I continued past a few more houses when my lungs started to burn. I slowed to a good walk and tried to calm down my lungs, reassuring them that we we not inside a burning building, but outdoors, with fresh (city) air and doing something really good for them/me.

I pride myself  in being an excellent breather. In every yoga class I've taken, I'm the one that's doing the proper breathing. Iyengar. Bikram. Hatha. Power. All of them, I'm that jerk in class the teachers always compliment.  I'm good at yoga and great at breathing.
So I read Hal Higdon's tips. I read Jeff Galloway's tips. But my lungs didn't get the memo.

I don't feel spent and I could have probably pushed myself to do more, but my dad said start with a kilometer and Hal Higdon says start with 1.5 miles. And Jeff Galloway says a lot of things! Too many for my first timer's ass to follow, but I think he's got some good stuff in there. Run/walk, which is what I did.

Oh and I have finally learned to run across the street.

The numbers:
Miles run: 1.14 Miles
Average Pace: 14:46 Min/Mile
Current Pace: 11:55 Min/Mile
On the playlist: This American Life
(it was the Valentine's Day episode 486 for my fellow TAL nerds)
Tracked by RunKeeper app

I did an hour of a Vinyasa Flow class a little after running as well.

*another update on the update, no soreness the next day. Yoga?

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