Istanbul Part 2 Good Answers to some Headaches and Heartaches

I was in Turkey during the months of June, July and part of August, the hottest time.  

I love the heat, but I always feel badly for the stray dogs and cats out there.  Not for Turkish dogs, cats and birds though.  These sweet loving creatures are not forgotten by Istanbul's citizens. I noticed everywhere I walked were the bowls of water and food left for dogs and cats.
Waiting for dinner

The cats were waiting for him.

All dogs I saw out were tagged. At first it made me very sad but then I realised, these dogs have been fixed and they all get very clean water and food.  
 I constantly saw people pouring their water from their water bottles into these public, home made water bowls for the city's pets.  

The other thing that I loved was the parking lot lights.
This is so helpful.

If you see a green light on top it means that parking spot is free.  Blue light means it's a free handicap spot and red means they're taken, keep looking.

How about that? Perfect!
Hugs Kisses and Shoes,
Rocio Ildemaro
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