Team Running Late Update 2

Guess what? I can run.  I've been running.  I can do 2 miles and feel great. I can even do 2 miles and do an hour of hot yoga later on and still feel great. This is weird.  It still feels weird to see other real runners out there with me. Weird like I'm crashing someone's wedding weird.

I'm planning my future training and will visit a dear friend that moved Colorado.  I'm planning my visit around one of two marathons that way I can get some miles under me by running at altitude.

One is the Color Run and the other is the Colfax Marathon.

 Happy Image from http://thecolorrun.com/denver/  

The Color Run seems playful and fun while the Colfax is a little more real and their half Marathon goes  through the Denver Zoo.  That sounds like literal practice for my Kenya trip, Elephants + Running!

So, get hit in the face with colours or practice a halfie through the zoo?  I will talk it through with my dear friend and see which she prefers.

My average now:

The numbers:
Miles run: 2.24 Miles
Average Pace: 14:29 Min/Mile
On the playlist: This American Life
(it was Surrogates episode 485 for my fellow TAL nerds)
Tracked by RunKeeper app

Ps I went with my mom and did an hour of a Hot Yoga class a couple of hours after running as well.

Hugs kisses and Shoes,

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