Team Running Late

OK, here's the deal,  running, I hate it, I hate it so much I've never tried it. Ever.
Last night someone asked me what's the furthest you've run?
10 feet. It's true, chasing my dog, then I slow down to a walk because no mater what, if my dog runs away I will not catch the little fucker, so I might run for about 10 feet and then slow down to a walk and curse at him the whole way.  In my cursing's defence I live off a very busy street.

So, not a runner, check.  In fact the only running I've ever done is run LATE. I'm constantly late to most things. Yoga has helped me, actually. No, not helped me be late, but helped me with some self discipline. I always get to yoga about 10 minutes early. Progress.

Now for the craziest news I've ever said in reference to myself:

I'M GOING TO RUN A MARATHON IN KENYA! THIS SEPTEMBER! What???? -that's my body and my little tiny discipline laughing into hysterics over this. OK, I'll do the half marathon, I think that should be the one to start with.
Courtesy of www.lionking.org

So I'm going to ask for help from my friends, and maybe even from strangers on this one.
It's for a great cause, as you can see in the link above or here:


Here are some of the 2012 scholarship recipients, also known as my inspiration for this journey:
Photo courtesy of http://www.amazingmaasaiultra.org/

I figured if I'm ever in my life going to run a marathon, I should do it in Kenya, alongside some of the best marathon runners in the world.  I'm excited, very very excited about this.  I love what this stands for:
Helping local girls get to school by raising funds to pay for their tuition. And this is my motivation to start training for this half marathon.

I will post my progress here, and show others how the most anti runner will transform into a marathon runner.
Also, this is where I will document my travels, and my other plans for this trip.

Thanks for your support and encouragement,
Hugs, Kisses and running Shoes,
Rocio Ildemaro

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