As I learn about running, I mean, I'm even learning how to "Run across the street," I read everywhere the importance of the right gear.

Wear the right running shoes. -Obviously I agree, SHOES are of the upmost importance!

Camel pack, back? You know it? The back pack you fill with vodka to get the party going? Well, you have to run with one because you will dehydrate and you need to hydrate (see how that works?) as you run. Alcohol free vodka, check. Ok ok, water, or sports drink. Check.

Food belt! I can't argue with that one. I just don't know how I'll pack my fried chicken in it and keep it warm and crispy.

Watch out for chafing! Uh, the only chafing I ever knew of was chafing dishes, you know, used for FOOD. Not the 'my clothes rub and it hurts my skin' chafing.
Band-Aids for men, chafing creams, or Glides, which to me wake up my inner 13 year old boy and make me laugh hysterically at the thought of buying some Body Glide -Hee hee hee.

Which is another thing, NO Cotton! Everywhere, you are told, and in some forums people even got offended when a certain city marathon (I'm in the city now) passed out cotton marathon tee shirts! I get it, it's a marathon, the organisers should have really known better.  Maybe the manufacturer promised Runnerslyester and delivered cotton, as someone who depends on raw material providers, I can see this happening. It happens all of the time.

"Hello, I'm putting on a very large Marathon to showcase my great city. I'd like some shirts for the event please. Oh, let's do 25,000 shirts. Yes, may I please get them made out of Runnerslyester, as you know, we need the proper fabric for our event"
"Yes ma'am, of course we have plenty of bolts of Runerslyester!" They have no idea what Runnerslyester is...  but they'll say anything to make the sale.

Oh I digress, anyway, I've read plenty plenty plenty and I think I have it down: No wearing cotton for marathon. Check.
Now let me show you what else I found on my quest for learning about running in Kenya. Please take a close look at the image below:
Perfectly outfitted to beat my ass!  Image from http://www.amazingmaasaiultra.org/

This is an image for the very marathon I will be participating in. 

I will run (WAY BEHIND) (I mean way way way way behind)  these excellent runners, where I will be:
in my Japanese running shoes
with my water back pack
Food or snack belt 
Runnerslyester socks, 
Runnerslyester tights or shorts, 
and my sports bra, made of lycra and spandex, just kidding, it's also made of Runnerslyester. 

I'll go ahead and wear Band-Aids, just in case, although I don't think I want them over my nipples (can I say that here?) I'll just wear them on my elbows, just for good measure.

Runnerslyerster wicks away the sweat, keeps you dry and keeps your body happy.  I'm impressed, no, I'm beyond impressed that while I will need everything mentioned above just to be able to crawl to the finish line, the locals can run in sandals, cute skirts (I have something just like that in my closet) any tee shirt they own or are given, no Body Glide hee hee hee, and probably, no, definitely no Band-Aids. -I'm sure of this one because there are a couple of clinics that list needing Band-Aids as part of their wish list.  

Ok, I'm off to learn how to run. Decked out in my Runnerslyester.
Hugs, Kisses and running Shoes,
Rocio crawling to the finish line Ildemaro
ps please know this is only MY POINT OF VIEW, meaning I completely RESPECT all runners, even the ones that know how to run to cross the street.  This is the equivalent to people telling me "I just don't see how you can walk in those. They're so high. I would break an ankle in those shoes"
My shoes = My Own Image!

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