Phuket, Thailand

I'll tell you about my stay in Thailand. We went to Phuket, and absolutely loved it.  

I loved it so much I made out with it.

Below, Pee Pee Island, just kidding, it's spelled Phi Phi, but pronounced like what you say after drinking too much beer, or water. 
Abajo La Isla Pipi, jaja! Es pura broma, se escribe Phi Phi pero pronunciado como lo que se dice después de beber demasiada cerveza o agua.

Laem Singh Beach, it's a small climb down some steps to get there, but it's super nice.
La playa Laem Singh, para llegar a esa playa, uno tiene que bajar unos cuantos metros pero vale la pena por que es super linda.

Our little neighbour I would look for him every day. 

Everyday that we went to the beach I stopped at this lady's cart and ordered Som Tum Mamuang
or Green Mango Salad.  She got to know me pretty well and eventually let me prepare my own portion.  I wanted it very spicy and she was always concerned the heat would hurt me, then I finally made it and give her a taste and she laughed, shook her head and said, "Too spicy"
The recipe below is almost like what I had, except it's too fancy, she didn't have green beens there, but everything else is spot on.

I didn't get any pictures of her or the salad or the cart, something about it being so delicious I could not wait to inhale it that kept me from being like those cool people that photograph their food and make it look super fancy.  My hunger wins over every time.  To hell with the others! it says.  

I will take pictures of at least one of my salads when I return in April.  

Cada día que iba a la playa pasaba por carreta y ordenaba Som Tum Mamuang, o Ensalada de Mango Verde
No tome ninguna foto de ella o la ensalada o del carreton qué lástima pero voy a tomar fotos de al menos una de mis ensaladas cuando regrese en abril.

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