Makes you want to squeeze a panda!

So how did I hear about this marathon?
I was supposed to visit the Mongolian* in (where else) Mongolia this summer, and from there we were to fly down to China to visit his brother**.  

I was all set to plan a side trip and wear a panda costume to help with that group that works with pandas and releases them to the wild, when the Mongolian told me he heard from his brother and  would I be interested in skipping China instead to go meet his brother and their cousin in Kenya as they are going to run a marathon.  

I'm sure he said many more important things but my mind was busy repacking my bags and telling my mom to hold off on making that panda suit for me because I was now super excited about visiting Kenya!
That's Bob in the back photo bombing us girls. He likes to drink too much.

I did tune in to hear more about this marathon and we had agreed to go as cheerleaders and participate from the sidelines. (I'm sure his brother is now relieved we are not his cheerleaders and my mom is now relieved she doesn't have to make the Mongolian and me cheerleading costumes) 

Once we went to the site and read all about the goal, it was easy come to the conclusion of running.

His brother won't be getting a Patriots Mongolian cheerleader after all

* The Mongolian is my boyfriend Spencer that lives in Mongolia. He's NOT Mongolian. He's white. American.  He's the type of white American that my people refer to as "Un Americano -MUY guapo"  
or maybe "Gringo Guapo"
Oh and that's a compliment, don't start your hate letters now. I've said and will say worse things.  
All it means is at 6'4" with green eyes, he gets attention.  The ladies in Thailand and Turkey loved him. And I love that.

**By now your Sherlock Holmes skills would be correct in deducing that his brother is not Chinese, but is another one of those "Gringos Guapos" 
I haven't met him yet, but standing at 6'5"and coming from a good looking family (their mom and sister are both gorgeous) he can't help but fall under the same offensive description.

And just to be fair, here's a picture of him when it's not football season:
That's us in Thailand, see what I mean? Gringo y muy Guapo.

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Oh and this one! ILOVETHEMSOMUCH!!!!! 

Hugs, kisses and panda squeezies,
Rocio Ildemaro

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