As I learn about running, I mean, I'm even learning how to "Run across the street," I read everywhere the importance of the right gear.

Wear the right running shoes. -Obviously I agree, SHOES are of the upmost importance!

Camel pack, back? You know it? The back pack you fill with vodka to get the party going? Well, you have to run with one because you will dehydrate and you need to hydrate (see how that works?) as you run. Alcohol free vodka, check. Ok ok, water, or sports drink. Check.

Food belt! I can't argue with that one. I just don't know how I'll pack my fried chicken in it and keep it warm and crispy.

Watch out for chafing! Uh, the only chafing I ever knew of was chafing dishes, you know, used for FOOD. Not the 'my clothes rub and it hurts my skin' chafing.
Band-Aids for men, chafing creams, or Glides, which to me wake up my inner 13 year old boy and make me laugh hysterically at the thought of buying some Body Glide -Hee hee hee.

Which is another thing, NO Cotton! Everywhere, you are told, and in some forums people even got offended when a certain city marathon (I'm in the city now) passed out cotton marathon tee shirts! I get it, it's a marathon, the organisers should have really known better.  Maybe the manufacturer promised Runnerslyester and delivered cotton, as someone who depends on raw material providers, I can see this happening. It happens all of the time.

"Hello, I'm putting on a very large Marathon to showcase my great city. I'd like some shirts for the event please. Oh, let's do 25,000 shirts. Yes, may I please get them made out of Runnerslyester, as you know, we need the proper fabric for our event"
"Yes ma'am, of course we have plenty of bolts of Runerslyester!" They have no idea what Runnerslyester is...  but they'll say anything to make the sale.

Oh I digress, anyway, I've read plenty plenty plenty and I think I have it down: No wearing cotton for marathon. Check.
Now let me show you what else I found on my quest for learning about running in Kenya. Please take a close look at the image below:
Perfectly outfitted to beat my ass!  Image from http://www.amazingmaasaiultra.org/

This is an image for the very marathon I will be participating in. 

I will run (WAY BEHIND) (I mean way way way way behind)  these excellent runners, where I will be:
in my Japanese running shoes
with my water back pack
Food or snack belt 
Runnerslyester socks, 
Runnerslyester tights or shorts, 
and my sports bra, made of lycra and spandex, just kidding, it's also made of Runnerslyester. 

I'll go ahead and wear Band-Aids, just in case, although I don't think I want them over my nipples (can I say that here?) I'll just wear them on my elbows, just for good measure.

Runnerslyerster wicks away the sweat, keeps you dry and keeps your body happy.  I'm impressed, no, I'm beyond impressed that while I will need everything mentioned above just to be able to crawl to the finish line, the locals can run in sandals, cute skirts (I have something just like that in my closet) any tee shirt they own or are given, no Body Glide hee hee hee, and probably, no, definitely no Band-Aids. -I'm sure of this one because there are a couple of clinics that list needing Band-Aids as part of their wish list.  

Ok, I'm off to learn how to run. Decked out in my Runnerslyester.
Hugs, Kisses and running Shoes,
Rocio crawling to the finish line Ildemaro
ps please know this is only MY POINT OF VIEW, meaning I completely RESPECT all runners, even the ones that know how to run to cross the street.  This is the equivalent to people telling me "I just don't see how you can walk in those. They're so high. I would break an ankle in those shoes"
My shoes = My Own Image!


Makes you want to squeeze a panda!

So how did I hear about this marathon?
I was supposed to visit the Mongolian* in (where else) Mongolia this summer, and from there we were to fly down to China to visit his brother**.  

I was all set to plan a side trip and wear a panda costume to help with that group that works with pandas and releases them to the wild, when the Mongolian told me he heard from his brother and  would I be interested in skipping China instead to go meet his brother and their cousin in Kenya as they are going to run a marathon.  

I'm sure he said many more important things but my mind was busy repacking my bags and telling my mom to hold off on making that panda suit for me because I was now super excited about visiting Kenya!
That's Bob in the back photo bombing us girls. He likes to drink too much.

I did tune in to hear more about this marathon and we had agreed to go as cheerleaders and participate from the sidelines. (I'm sure his brother is now relieved we are not his cheerleaders and my mom is now relieved she doesn't have to make the Mongolian and me cheerleading costumes) 

Once we went to the site and read all about the goal, it was easy come to the conclusion of running.

His brother won't be getting a Patriots Mongolian cheerleader after all

* The Mongolian is my boyfriend Spencer that lives in Mongolia. He's NOT Mongolian. He's white. American.  He's the type of white American that my people refer to as "Un Americano -MUY guapo"  
or maybe "Gringo Guapo"
Oh and that's a compliment, don't start your hate letters now. I've said and will say worse things.  
All it means is at 6'4" with green eyes, he gets attention.  The ladies in Thailand and Turkey loved him. And I love that.

**By now your Sherlock Holmes skills would be correct in deducing that his brother is not Chinese, but is another one of those "Gringos Guapos" 
I haven't met him yet, but standing at 6'5"and coming from a good looking family (their mom and sister are both gorgeous) he can't help but fall under the same offensive description.

And just to be fair, here's a picture of him when it's not football season:
That's us in Thailand, see what I mean? Gringo y muy Guapo.

For more Panda cuties go here and make sure to scroll to the bottom. 
And for a full on Panda Stalking experience go here and forget about work.
Oh and this one! ILOVETHEMSOMUCH!!!!! 

Hugs, kisses and panda squeezies,
Rocio Ildemaro


Some reactions to my decision to run this marathon

These are some reactions from a few of my friends and family after I told them of my plan:

My sister on her Facebook status "Pigs are flying in the sky" 

Another comment: "This is a sign of the Apocalypse"

When I told a coworker/friend: "You're going to lose."

Another two friends: "You would go all the way to Kenya."

When I told another friend: "You're going to lose."

When I told yet another guy friend: "Oh no."

And seriously, a third guy: "You're going to lose."

My conversation with a girlfriend on the phone:
Me: "Hey, I have something to tell you. You know how you're Miss Jock and you love to run and be at the gym?"

S.: "Yeah, yeah, I know, I won't make you come to the gym with me."   -SIDE NOTE, a couple of years ago she tried to set me up on a date with her trainer.  It was our first (only) fight. 

Me: "No, no, it's not that. I'm actually going to run a marath-"

S.: "Wait? What? You're going to run? Did you say run? I don't think I heard you."

Me: "Yes, but wait, let me tell you-"

S.: "You're going to run? What for?"

Me: "I'm going to run a marathon in Kenya fo-"

S.: "You're running a marathon in Virginia?! OMG are you serious? When? You have to start training now. I'll go run with you sometime this week. Why Virginia?"

It was the longest announcement of my week.

And finally when I told my dad a few minutes ago on the phone. All in Spanish, btw.

Me: "Hi dad, I have something very important to tell you. I'm going to run a marathon in Kenya.  The cause is for sending the Maasai girls to school..." I continue into detail "... and I was thinking I was going to train for the full marathon but I guess I'll do the half..."

His response, "No, no, no, you can do the full. I ran in university..." NEWS TO ME! "... look, you are fit, and start slow, do one kilometre, rest, next time do a little more, and by September you will be able to do the full marathon.  Just don't do a lot right now, build up to it. Also, you're little and light, it should be easy for you.  So, how's your sister?" 
Photo by Sarah Edson via http://www.amazingmaasaiultra.org/

All 3 times I heard "You're going to lose" was said in a straight face and that one makes me laugh a lot.
I have have a circle of beautiful friends and family that are so supportive and funny.  So many have called and messaged me with tips and words of encouragement.  Maybe I don't fully understand the seriousness of running a marathon, I think I'm in the Ignorance is Bliss part of my journey.

Have you ever run a marathon? If so, what made you want to run it? How was your first marathon?

Oh, and one more thing, I will only lose if I don't go.

Hugs, kisses and running shoes,
Rocio Ildemaro


Team Running Late

OK, here's the deal,  running, I hate it, I hate it so much I've never tried it. Ever.
Last night someone asked me what's the furthest you've run?
10 feet. It's true, chasing my dog, then I slow down to a walk because no mater what, if my dog runs away I will not catch the little fucker, so I might run for about 10 feet and then slow down to a walk and curse at him the whole way.  In my cursing's defence I live off a very busy street.

So, not a runner, check.  In fact the only running I've ever done is run LATE. I'm constantly late to most things. Yoga has helped me, actually. No, not helped me be late, but helped me with some self discipline. I always get to yoga about 10 minutes early. Progress.

Now for the craziest news I've ever said in reference to myself:

I'M GOING TO RUN A MARATHON IN KENYA! THIS SEPTEMBER! What???? -that's my body and my little tiny discipline laughing into hysterics over this. OK, I'll do the half marathon, I think that should be the one to start with.
Courtesy of www.lionking.org

So I'm going to ask for help from my friends, and maybe even from strangers on this one.
It's for a great cause, as you can see in the link above or here:


Here are some of the 2012 scholarship recipients, also known as my inspiration for this journey:
Photo courtesy of http://www.amazingmaasaiultra.org/

I figured if I'm ever in my life going to run a marathon, I should do it in Kenya, alongside some of the best marathon runners in the world.  I'm excited, very very excited about this.  I love what this stands for:
Helping local girls get to school by raising funds to pay for their tuition. And this is my motivation to start training for this half marathon.

I will post my progress here, and show others how the most anti runner will transform into a marathon runner.
Also, this is where I will document my travels, and my other plans for this trip.

Thanks for your support and encouragement,
Hugs, Kisses and running Shoes,
Rocio Ildemaro

Phuket, Thailand

I'll tell you about my stay in Thailand. We went to Phuket, and absolutely loved it.  

I loved it so much I made out with it.

Below, Pee Pee Island, just kidding, it's spelled Phi Phi, but pronounced like what you say after drinking too much beer, or water. 
Abajo La Isla Pipi, jaja! Es pura broma, se escribe Phi Phi pero pronunciado como lo que se dice después de beber demasiada cerveza o agua.

Laem Singh Beach, it's a small climb down some steps to get there, but it's super nice.
La playa Laem Singh, para llegar a esa playa, uno tiene que bajar unos cuantos metros pero vale la pena por que es super linda.

Our little neighbour I would look for him every day. 

Everyday that we went to the beach I stopped at this lady's cart and ordered Som Tum Mamuang
or Green Mango Salad.  She got to know me pretty well and eventually let me prepare my own portion.  I wanted it very spicy and she was always concerned the heat would hurt me, then I finally made it and give her a taste and she laughed, shook her head and said, "Too spicy"
The recipe below is almost like what I had, except it's too fancy, she didn't have green beens there, but everything else is spot on.

I didn't get any pictures of her or the salad or the cart, something about it being so delicious I could not wait to inhale it that kept me from being like those cool people that photograph their food and make it look super fancy.  My hunger wins over every time.  To hell with the others! it says.  

I will take pictures of at least one of my salads when I return in April.  

Cada día que iba a la playa pasaba por carreta y ordenaba Som Tum Mamuang, o Ensalada de Mango Verde
No tome ninguna foto de ella o la ensalada o del carreton qué lástima pero voy a tomar fotos de al menos una de mis ensaladas cuando regrese en abril.


I snuck away but I'm back. No, seriously, look I'm here!

We have a lot of catching up to do! 
It's been so long since I've written anything on here that I don't even know how to publish these posts any more.
Do I hit "SEND"?

What about my pictures? I think I was using Picnik for my images, but now they(Picnik) are gone and I will have to do a refresher on this blogging business.  

I recovered from my wreck nicely, after doing A LOT of yoga.
Which means that I can design again, so I'm back to designing beautiful high heels as well as keeping busy with another project... I'm designing for a new line that will be coming out later this year. I'm so excited about it and can't wait to tell everyone about it in the coming months!

This new line took me to my native home, Venezuela and also over to Turkey.
Again, more of those details later, for now I just want to make sure I'm publishing this properly and not sending this as an email to some poor random person.

I will post this now but first I should include some visual pretties:

Oh yeah, I also went to Thailand, but not for shoe reasons but for personal pleasure
This was very high on top of about 8,050 stairs.  Ok, maybe not 8,050, more like 8,000,500
I think the man that gives you a medal for climbing that high must have stepped out for tea because no one was there to receive me with "Hurray" banners or my certificate showing that I climbed 8,000,500 steps. Regardless here is a picture that I took from the top.  It was breath taking, and not just the climb, the temple too.

At the bottom of one of the beautiful temples and a great source of inspiration for shoes.
I love the colours and mix of textures.  

I was there just after New Year's (2012) and everyone wished us a Happy New Year every single day for the 2 weeks we were there. I loved it SO MUCH.
In fact, we loved it so much that we are going back for the Thai New Year this year! 
Songkran 2013 will be a soggy good time.

Soggy? Yes, very soggy. Everyone takes to the streets and participates in a massive water fight.  As soon as we land I'm going to the store and buying the biggest, baddest water gun with the back pack so I can look like a Ghostbuster in Thailand, minus the full on coverall suit, I'm replacing that with a swimsuit. 

I promise to post more pictures of my Thailand trip and of my trip to Turkey in the coming days. Heh, that sounds dirrrty. Heeey! Uh, why yes, I am a lady, and I have no idea where your mind just went.
Hugs, Kisses and Shoes,
Rocio Ildemaro  

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