Hurray for the new Fashion Season!

There is something exciting about September.  For fashion, it's our new year.  Like our first day of school.  Our show-and-tell.  Our time to play dress up.  Many of us reuniting after the hot summer holidays, eager to share not only our experiences, but our inspirations as well.  

I will be participating for Fashion's Night Out in NY this Friday.  What an exciting time to be a designer!

Sunday happens to be my Trunk Show with Ceava Kats of Soho Enamel.  

You are all invited to experience with me this Show-and-Tell, to play dress up like we once did as children with great jewelry and fantastic shoes!  The only difference this time is that the shoes will actually fit, and you will not get in trouble, because these will not be mommy's jewels and shoes, these will be just for you!

Hugs Kisses and Shoes,

The details:
Sunday 12 September 12-6
228 Mott Street
New York, New York 10012
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