Mami Cleans up after heels

I was busy with the team this weekend going over our new designs (you'll get to see in tomorrow's post!) 

When no one was looking the high heels decided to have a party without telling any one of us!  Seriously, Rita and Katiefoster do love a good party, but none of us knew anything about it, so the intern and our communications girls were left out.  My mom came in and had to clean up after them today.   My high heels might be a little shy, but they sure do love to dance.  
I guess that's why they do so well at weddings, birthdays, and other festive dancing events.
Hugs, Kisses and Shoes, 

Este fin de semana, mis tacones tuvieron una fiesta. No invitaron a nadie, ni a Rita ni a Katiefoster que tanto les encantan las fiestas.  Que lastima.  Hoy vino mi mama y limpio lo que quedo de la fiesta de estos taconcitos tremendos.   
Estos tacones serán un poco tímidos, pero si que les fascina bailar!  Creo que es por esa razón que sirven muy bien en bodas, y cumples, y todas esas ocasiones donde la gente festeja bailando.
Bss y zapatos,
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