Happy Birthday e!

Today is my sister's birthday.  Happy birthday E!  There was a party on her birthday eve eve, and Mustard As Sole got me there really really fast.  I know I was flying down the streets =)
I haven't given her her gift yet, so I can't post it since it would ruin the surprise.  
I've been lazy um, busy this weekend and have not finished it yet.  
Did anyone else notice all of the double words in this post?  WTF? Maybe I need to learn English again. Yeah, I don't mind, go ahead and say it, silly little foreigner.  
Hugs kisses and Shoes,
 Hoy es el cumple de mi hermana E.  Hubo una fiesta este fin, y Mostaza corrio super rápido.  Se que estaba volando por las calles =)  Todavia no le dado su regalo porque todavia no lo termino. 
Y por peresa, luego sigo con esto. Que estoy cansadisima!
Bss y zapatos,
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