Choke on This!

About a year ago, Decorazon Gallery, an art gallery in Dallas, had an art exhibit called Farewell Shoes for Mr. Bush. Yes, that Bush.  I did not want to do anything too political, since I am from Venezuela and I have my fill of political frustration as it is, but I wanted to do something I would enjoy.  I know I get a kick out of it when something embarrassing happens to me.  Hey, own your faults, mistakes and flaws.  It'll only make you thinner and funnier and really hot.  Oh wait, that's what happens when you wear my shoes!   Except wearing my shoes is not a fault, mistake or flaw.  What the hell what I taking about?  Oh, yes, Choke on This!  Check it, check it out!
Hugs kisses and Shoes,
Hace como un año, Decorazon Gallery, una galería de arte en Dallas tuvo una exposición llamada Zapatos de Despedida al Señor Bush. Si, ese Bush.  No quise hacer nada demasiado político, pues que soy de Venezuela y estoy llenita de frustración política, pero quice hacer algo que gozaría.  Yo: me cago de la risa cuando algo vergonzoso me sucede.  Eso sólo te hará más delgada, más feliz y atractiva. Oy, espera, ¡eso es lo que sucede cuando usas mis zapatos!  ¿Y de que diablos estaba hablando? Ah, sí!  ¡Mira mira!  Se llaman Ahogate en Estos!
Bss y zapatos,
pd, no se si llego la noticia por el mundo, pero hace añotes al Bush se le atoró una de estas  galletas saladas, Pretzels.  Casi se ahogaba!  

(I was in Italy at the time of the show and sadly I missed all of the fun that night.  I heard it was a packed house)
Original image by P. Michels from Dallas Observer,  but I had to do something with it.  There was some   kid's face in the way, so I had to do something to hide him with some crafty font placement, heh.  You know, respecting people's (I hear children are people too) privacy and all that crap.  I bet he wanted to eat my shoe.  I also hear kids like to eat things.

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