Bike Riding weather!

I hated sports growing up.   I would forge my mom's signature and write that I had many different complications.  Anything to get out of athletics.  Somehow, in Jr. high school, I convinced a doctor that I had a heart condition, ha! (you would think I should have a heart condition with all of the crap I eat)  Fried chicken is healthy if it's chicken breast. 
But now I really do enjoy riding a bike.  Leisurely.  No spandex here.
Hugs, kisses and Shoes,
I'm wearing my Zola's in grey.  They're awesome.  Oh, the bike.  It's a SWING BIKE! No, um, not a bike for swingers. Weird.  This is a bike that swivels.  All the cool kids that make shoes and ride crusty old scooters with crusty personalities and still wear tights in the summer ride them.  Didn't you know? Bike for swingers. Really?
OMG I'm booby! Look away, please...  OK.

Nunca me gusto participar en los deportes.  En primaria falsificaba notas de mi 'mama' diciendo que tenía cada complicación médica para no participar en la clase atlética.  Para secundaria llegue a convencer a un doctor que tenía una complicacion del corazon para nunca más tener que tomar una clase de deportes. Jejeje.  
Pero ahora sí que disfruto andar en bici.  Tranquilamente, sin licras.
La bici es una Swing bike.  Swing como columpio.  El marco de la bici se mueve porque esta despegado.  Muy divertido.
Bss y zapatos, Rocío

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