I am still working on what I was working on this weekend, so I can't post that quite yet.  Instead, I'll share these hints of what I'll wear this week.  
Can you guess what this is?  What?  Is it a pineapple?  Well, I'm sure somewhere out there a pineapple is a pineapple, and when asked if it's a pineapple, one should always answer truthfully with a YES, but in this instance, it's not a pineapple, although it is deliciously golden!  Now if only I can figure out the rest of the outfit AND which scooter to ride.  
Hugs kisses and Shoes, Rocio

  Todavía estoy trabajando en lo que estaba trabajando este fin de semana, así que no puedo poner ese post todavía.  En su lugar les dejo estas imagines de lo que me pondré esta semana.  
¿Puedes adivinar qué es?  ¿Una piña?  Pues estoy segura que si hay una piña por ahi, y cuando alguien pregunta si es una piña, uno siempre debería de contestar con toda la verdad que SÍ, pero en este caso no es una piña, aunque sí es ¡deliciosamente dorada!  Ahora, si pudiera decidir en el resto de lo que me voy a poner, y ¿que motito montar?  
Besos y Zapatos, 


Mami Cleans up after heels

I was busy with the team this weekend going over our new designs (you'll get to see in tomorrow's post!) 

When no one was looking the high heels decided to have a party without telling any one of us!  Seriously, Rita and Katiefoster do love a good party, but none of us knew anything about it, so the intern and our communications girls were left out.  My mom came in and had to clean up after them today.   My high heels might be a little shy, but they sure do love to dance.  
I guess that's why they do so well at weddings, birthdays, and other festive dancing events.
Hugs, Kisses and Shoes, 

Este fin de semana, mis tacones tuvieron una fiesta. No invitaron a nadie, ni a Rita ni a Katiefoster que tanto les encantan las fiestas.  Que lastima.  Hoy vino mi mama y limpio lo que quedo de la fiesta de estos taconcitos tremendos.   
Estos tacones serán un poco tímidos, pero si que les fascina bailar!  Creo que es por esa razón que sirven muy bien en bodas, y cumples, y todas esas ocasiones donde la gente festeja bailando.
Bss y zapatos,


Need your Help!

This is a fact: the readers of this blog are some of the most intelligent, good looking, bright, beautiful people, and hold the best taste out there.   Here's a chance to show of your wit and sense of humour, sarcasm, or thoughtfulness towards others (that's one that I'm planning on learning one day)

I made this card, but do not know what to write, send in your thoughts and the best 3 captions will win a set of this stationery!  The girls at Me Loves Love will pick the winners and I will mail out your gift set.

Email your captions to:
MeLovesLove shift+2 (on an american keyboard that means @) gmail dot you-know-the-rest
You are free to enter as many entries as you wish.
*DEADLINE: Friday 21st May 2010  5pm Pacific

Ayuda: Es por cierto que los que leen este blog, son unas /unos de los mas inteligente, guapas(os), listas (os) y los que tienen unos de los mejores gustos.  
Aquí tienen la oportunidad de demostrar su sentido de humor, sarcasmo, o consideración hacia los demás.

Hice esta tarjeta, pero no se que capción escribir.  Envíen sus capciones a las chicas de Me Loves Love     ellas elejirán las entradas y las mejores 3 entradas ganarán un set de ese diseño.  Las entradas pueden ser en ingles o español.
Enviar las entradas a
MeLovesLove arroba gmail punto com
*Termina viernes 21 Mayo 2010 17:00 hora pacifico
Bss y zapatos, Rocío

Mustard OK GOes

I went with little Mustard As Sole to see OK GO in concert.  I think Mustard had a good time.
Fui con Mustard As Sol al concierto de OK GO.  Creo que Mustard se divirtio.

Mustard!  I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out.  Then again, Mustard As Sole can easily sneak up on people when they are rocking out and the speakers are at full concert level loud.
Me sorprende que no nos corrieron del concierto.  
Images from OK GOs Fb page


Give Away!

This is the first of several different giveaways!  I have teamed up with Me Loves Love and am so excited to collaborate with them.  They make the cutest headbands and fascinators for weddings, bachelorette parties and other events, and they are only $25.00!  Oh, the best part?  If you want it with a birdcage veil, THERE IS NO CHARGE!  It's still $25.00!!
Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn't team up with them, I mean, $25.00 is nothing!  They might make me look bad!  I might start getting emails about "Why don't YOU charge $25.00 for your shoes?" And then, I'll have to start making head bands for your feet, so that I too can charge only $25.00!

Oh, about the give away, buy any headband or hair piece, and be entered to win on of my shoe mobiles. (They will be drawing names several times through out the day)
BUT buy 4 hair accessories from them, and they will automatically GIVE you a free shoe mobile.  So, I guess it's a great deal if someone is getting married, or you happen to collect hair accessories, or there is a party and several of you have plans on wearing something pretty on your hair,  or what ever.
Good luck!
Hugs, kisses and Shoes,

Pedaling for Dummies

Went out this weekend and wore my Biondas. I enjoy the look of the blonde pony hair in late spring.
I cheated on Mustard As Sole and took the moped out.  It's fun to pedal around.
Although I do enjoy riding a bicycle, there is something I really love about this little moped. I don't know,  something having to do with less effort, and going up a hill certainly is a breeze!


Mammogram Chic!

I can only think of one lump that is good, and that's the Lump of Sugar.  Every other lumpy thing out there represents bad news. A lumpy mattress? Nightmares.  Lumpy couch? Grouch.  Lump in your throat?  Cry baby.  Lump in your shoes? Wobble.  Lump of coal? Naughty.  Oh, maybe that one isn't bad after all.  Lump in my breast? Oh fuck.

I found a lump and noticed it grew.  Today I went in for a mammogram, and was told it's benign.  So I think I will celebrate today. 
By the way, those mammograms do not hurt one bit.  Why did Oprah make such a big deal about it?  It's not cold, and NOT painful.  To say slight discomfort would be a hyperbole at best.  

I was prepared to sit in a cold waiting room for hours, so I showed up with the signed copy of my David Sedaris book.  I was told to change into the cape, but I kept my scarf, again, prepared for the long cold wait. There was a slight hiccup in my finally-once-in-my-life-I'm-prepared-for-something day.  There was no wait at all.  If anything, they had to wait on me to finish untangling my scarf from my hair during my wardrobe switch.  No wait at all.  
Hugs, Kisses and Shoes,

What I brought in

Mammogram Chic

Don't know which shoes to wear on a rainy It's Benign and I'm Fine! day

Maybe my Pink Ostrich Genevas! They can stand a rainy day.
En ingles la palabra LUMP significa muchas cosas negativas.  De todas, solamente cuando se refiere a Un Terrón de Azúcar es cuando significa algo positivo, o bueno, pues, dulce.
Bulto, Chichón, Grumo, todo indica a algo negativo.  ¿ Y llegar a encontrar un bulto en el ceno?

Hace dos mese encontré ese bulto.  Note que creció, hoy fue mi cita de mamo grama y me dijeron que es ¡Benigno!  Ahora, si, a celebrar!  Por cierto, dicen por ahí que duelen, pero no me dolió para nada.  
Creo que para celebrar hoy llevare puestos mis zapatos rosados de avestruz.
Bss y zapatos! Rocío


Playing with Mustard

I played with Mustard a little yesterday...
Ayer jugué con Mostaza un poco...
Of course NOT this kind of play,
¡Claro que así no!
How would I even get the scooter to balance on it?!?  Oh silly reader!  Your thoughts will scare a bird out of the sky.
¿Y de que manera se balancea? ¡Uf, que cómicos! Con esas ocurrencias espantarán a los parajos del cielo.

This kind of play,
Jugué a la mecánica

About a week ago I tried to adjust my rear brake cable, but the cable was too short. Not anymore!
Hugs kisses and Shoes,
Hace como una semana que intente de ajustar el cable de freno trasero, pero fue demasiado corto. ¡Pues ya no!
Bss y zapatos, Rocío


Shoe mobile

Yeah, so I know that my shoes are expensive*.  I know!   I've wanted to do something affordable, fun, still by hand and that represented what I do, and it's only $35.00! Finally, something my mom can afford!
Bss y zapatos, Rocío
¡Uuuy! Sí, lo se que mis zapatos son caros*. ¡Lo se!  Quice hacer algo más asequible, divertido, hecho a mano y que represente lo que hago, y esto es lo que hice:
Un móvil de zapatos! Hugs, kisses and Shoes, Rocio

I love it as a gift for a girl that has to work in an office (Like my sister).  Or,  for a walk in closet!  Or, a baby shower gift. 

I love my little boots!

And the little sandals!

*I love the materials I use, and I love the art of making the shoe by hand, and I love making them in Italy where the art of making a shoe has been mastered for oh, quite a while. But all of that means it's a bitch when it's time for me to pay.  Oh, and most of all, I love that I only make a FEW pairs, that means that there are only a few women in the world wearing my shoes, not thousands.  What's so special about that?
* Me encantan los materiales que uso, y el arte de hacer un zapato a mano, y amo hacerlos en Italia donde ya llevan añooootes con el arte de hacer un buen zapato.  Pero, todo esto quiere decir que para mi es una jodida al tiempo pagar.  Pero de todo lo que me encanta, me encanta hacer muy pocos pares
a la ves. Esto significa que hay muy pocas mujeres en el mundo luciendo mis zapatos y no miles. ¿Y eso qué tiene de especial?


Happy Birthday e!

Today is my sister's birthday.  Happy birthday E!  There was a party on her birthday eve eve, and Mustard As Sole got me there really really fast.  I know I was flying down the streets =)
I haven't given her her gift yet, so I can't post it since it would ruin the surprise.  
I've been lazy um, busy this weekend and have not finished it yet.  
Did anyone else notice all of the double words in this post?  WTF? Maybe I need to learn English again. Yeah, I don't mind, go ahead and say it, silly little foreigner.  
Hugs kisses and Shoes,
 Hoy es el cumple de mi hermana E.  Hubo una fiesta este fin, y Mostaza corrio super rápido.  Se que estaba volando por las calles =)  Todavia no le dado su regalo porque todavia no lo termino. 
Y por peresa, luego sigo con esto. Que estoy cansadisima!
Bss y zapatos,


Mother's Day Special

It's Sunday, and it's Mother's Day in Venezuela and in the US.  
Happy Mommy's Day!  
Hugs kisses and Shoes,

Es domingo, y es Día de la Mamá en Venezuela y en Gringolandia.
¡Feliz día de mamis! Bss y zapatos, Rocío


Bike Riding weather!

I hated sports growing up.   I would forge my mom's signature and write that I had many different complications.  Anything to get out of athletics.  Somehow, in Jr. high school, I convinced a doctor that I had a heart condition, ha! (you would think I should have a heart condition with all of the crap I eat)  Fried chicken is healthy if it's chicken breast. 
But now I really do enjoy riding a bike.  Leisurely.  No spandex here.
Hugs, kisses and Shoes,
I'm wearing my Zola's in grey.  They're awesome.  Oh, the bike.  It's a SWING BIKE! No, um, not a bike for swingers. Weird.  This is a bike that swivels.  All the cool kids that make shoes and ride crusty old scooters with crusty personalities and still wear tights in the summer ride them.  Didn't you know? Bike for swingers. Really?
OMG I'm booby! Look away, please...  OK.

Nunca me gusto participar en los deportes.  En primaria falsificaba notas de mi 'mama' diciendo que tenía cada complicación médica para no participar en la clase atlética.  Para secundaria llegue a convencer a un doctor que tenía una complicacion del corazon para nunca más tener que tomar una clase de deportes. Jejeje.  
Pero ahora sí que disfruto andar en bici.  Tranquilamente, sin licras.
La bici es una Swing bike.  Swing como columpio.  El marco de la bici se mueve porque esta despegado.  Muy divertido.
Bss y zapatos, Rocío



Choke on This!

About a year ago, Decorazon Gallery, an art gallery in Dallas, had an art exhibit called Farewell Shoes for Mr. Bush. Yes, that Bush.  I did not want to do anything too political, since I am from Venezuela and I have my fill of political frustration as it is, but I wanted to do something I would enjoy.  I know I get a kick out of it when something embarrassing happens to me.  Hey, own your faults, mistakes and flaws.  It'll only make you thinner and funnier and really hot.  Oh wait, that's what happens when you wear my shoes!   Except wearing my shoes is not a fault, mistake or flaw.  What the hell what I taking about?  Oh, yes, Choke on This!  Check it, check it out!
Hugs kisses and Shoes,
Hace como un año, Decorazon Gallery, una galería de arte en Dallas tuvo una exposición llamada Zapatos de Despedida al Señor Bush. Si, ese Bush.  No quise hacer nada demasiado político, pues que soy de Venezuela y estoy llenita de frustración política, pero quice hacer algo que gozaría.  Yo: me cago de la risa cuando algo vergonzoso me sucede.  Eso sólo te hará más delgada, más feliz y atractiva. Oy, espera, ¡eso es lo que sucede cuando usas mis zapatos!  ¿Y de que diablos estaba hablando? Ah, sí!  ¡Mira mira!  Se llaman Ahogate en Estos!
Bss y zapatos,
pd, no se si llego la noticia por el mundo, pero hace añotes al Bush se le atoró una de estas  galletas saladas, Pretzels.  Casi se ahogaba!  

(I was in Italy at the time of the show and sadly I missed all of the fun that night.  I heard it was a packed house)
Original image by P. Michels from Dallas Observer,  but I had to do something with it.  There was some   kid's face in the way, so I had to do something to hide him with some crafty font placement, heh.  You know, respecting people's (I hear children are people too) privacy and all that crap.  I bet he wanted to eat my shoe.  I also hear kids like to eat things.


Men do it better than Women

When it comes to purchasing footwear, men do it better than women, for the most part.  Generally.  On average.  Women might buy more shoes, and yes I know of some men that own more shoes than probably me, well, maybe not counting the shoes that I made in production and are not my size and I should be selling.  Speaking of selling,  I should really be selling my shoes, if you know of someone that would like to buy / order a pair.  Or twenty, feel free to pass along my info.  No really, I should be selling these shoes, the staff is hungry and I have to buy more chicken for them.    
Somehow,  I digressed.  
So women buy more shoes, and men buy fewer, that's what I was saying?  Yes, it was.  

When man finds out that I am a shoe designer and for about 6 years made the shoes myself  (I now have a little help) what he wants to talk to me about is craftsmanship, the size they wear, and their width.

"I wear a 10 narrow, very narrow, and I can only find shoes to fit me here____, so I only buy my shoes there."  
"I wear a whatever size and I have a very wide foot, so I only wear blank shoes because they are what fit me.  They are great."

When women talk to me about shoes, they bring up the price they paid for their favourite shoes, and the colour.  I have to ask what their size is. 
"I wear a 9, but I think I have a narrow foot, so I buy 8 1/2's" 
That's rich.   Why not look for narrow shoes?  So now your feet are curled inside of that poor poor shoe.  

"I wear a six, but since the 6's pinch the side of my foot, sometimes I get 7's" 
oh!  So now,  the heel of your shoe is walking behind you saying 
"Oh, wait!  I'm back here!  Don't leave me! Waaaaiiiit!"

We are not making skirts, these are shoes.

Many stores do not tell you this, but you can get the same style in a narrow or wider width.  Even that popular store in the mall, yes, they also can stretch your shoes!
Hugs kisses and GOOD FITTING SHOES, even if they are not mine, but really, they should be,

Cuando se trata de comprar calzado, los hombres lo hacen mejor que las mujeres.   En general.   Tal vez las mujeres  compran más zapatos, y sí sé de algunos hombres que poseen más zapatos que lo que yo probablemente tengo, bueno, sin contar los zapatos que he hecho en la producción  q no son de mi tamaño  y q tengo para vender. Hablando de vender, de verdad debo vender mis zapatos, si sabes de alguien que quisiera comprar / ordenar de un par o veinte, siéntanse libre de pasar mi información. No ¡en serio!, debería estar vendiendo estos zapatos, el personal tiene hambre y tengo que comprar más pollo para ellos.  ¿Donde estaba?  A ver, las mujeres compran más zapatos.. a, sí.  
Cuando el hombre se entera de mi profesión, me habla de calidad, y su talla y su anchura.

-Yo calzo un 10 estrecho, muy estrecho, y soló puedo encontrar zapatos que me queden bien aquí____, así que solamente compro mis zapatos en tal tienda.-
-Yo calzo talla tal, y tengo un  pie ancho, así que solo uso tal zapato por que es lo que me queda bien.  Son demasiado buenos.-
Cuando la mujer me habla de calzado, me habla del precio de su par favorito, y del color.  Yo le tengo que preguntar como calza.
-Yo calzo un 9, pero creo que mi pie es un poco estrecho, así que a veces compro del 8 1/2-
Ya veo los pobres dedos del pie todos engarruñados dentro del pobre zapatito!  
-Calzo 6, pero como el zapato me aprieta el lado de lo dedos, entonces a veces compro un 7-
O! Así que ahora, el talón del pobre zapato va andando tras ti diciendo 
-¡Epa! Espera!  ¡No me dejes!  ¡Me quedo muy atras! ¡Epaaaaaaa!-
¡Eso sí que es cómico! 
Que no estamos haciendo faldas, estos son zapatos.
Muchas tiendas no dicen esto, pero uno puede comprar el mismo estilo en opción estrecha o ancha. 
Bss y zapatos,
pd si ven errores en los acentos, me disculpan, que este post fue largisimo, y que jodida me doy en este teclado americano sin acentos o la ñ, para buscarlos por otros lugares, tener que copiar y poenr aqui!  


Bette Midler

Since I previously mentioned Vegas shows and gold shoes,  I feel like we should briefly stop to imagine what would have happened if Bette Midler would have had these when her show was running?  I think she would have ended up with a longer contract than 2 years.   Perhaps a 4 year show?  She is certainly in shape to do all of those shows.  Look at those legs!
Hugs, kisses and Shoes,

Como hace poco había mencionado Funciones de Las Vegas y zapatos de oro, quiciera imaginar que habría pasado si Bette Midler habría tenido estos cuando tuvo su programa, creo que el contrato se lo alargáran  de 2 años a cuatro.  Sin duda esta en forma para bailar demasiado, ¡mirá esas piernas! ¡Q guapa!
Bss y zapatos,

Without my Gold Shoes: 2 Year Run                                    With my Gold Shoes: 4 Year Run                
Sin mis zapatos de oro:Corrida de 2 Años                    Con mis zapatos de oro: Corrida de 4 Años 



Celine Dion

I was told a year or two ago that Celine Dion bought some of my shoes.  I don't remember which pair, I think it was the pink Ostrich Geneva's, but I could not help wonder if she would like the Gold Pythons?  I only made 5 pairs of those, and I think anyone with their own show in Vegas should own them. 

Hace como un o dos años, me contaron que Celine Dion compró algunos de mis zapatos.  No recuerdo qué par, pero creo que fueron los Ginebras en avestruz rosado.  Me pregunto  ¿le gustaría el par de pitón oro?  Sólo hice 5 pares de los pitón de oro, y creo que cualquier persona con su propio show en las Vegas los deben tener.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment, footwear improved by me
Click here to order  and Click here to see the rest of the shoes!


Helmet, what do you think?

I love love love how the helmet came out!  It's like a vintage race helmet yet feminine.  
One thing, I've had a difficult time photographing it.  It reflects too much. 
Hugs, kisses and Shoes,

Me ENCANTA como salió mi casco!  Parece un casco antiguo de carreras pero femenino.  El unico problema es que refleja demasiado al fotografiar. 
Bss y zapatos,

The Helmet!

I am so happy to finally have my helmet!  I took some pictures of it yesterday, but I did not like them, so I will take some more again.  I will post images in a few hours. 


Oh, Mustard, you!

Wearing my Leopardinos 
Con mis Leopardinos puestos
Mustard needed the rear brake adjusted.  
It was a bitch to work on since I had no rear cable sticking out to pull on!  Then, it completely slipped out, and of course, I ended up calling Mustard by its full and well deserved name: Mustard, Ass Hole! Plus a few other names.  Really, Mustard does it to me every single time.

This is a shot of my rear brake cable completely disconnected.  

Hugs,  kisses and Shoes,

Mostaza necesitaba un ajuste al freno de atras.  Pero fue una batalla porque no habia cable sobrando por atras para poder jalar. El carajo me la puso dificil!  El cable se salió por completo, y por supuesto, terminé llamando lo por su nombre completo, y bien merecido!  Además, otros nombrecitos por ahi.

Esta es la foto del cable desconectado.
Que carajito.
Bss y zapatos,


Meeting of the... shoes?

I had lunch today with a very good friend that is a podiatrist.  What?  You thought I just made pretty shoes without considering the actual foot that gets to wear them?  Oh no.  I might be inconsiderate in many other ways, but not when it comes to shoes!  

Hoy almorcé con un buen amigo que es podólogo.  ¿Qué? Pensaban que solamente hago unos zapatos bonitos sin considerar el pie que los usa? O no. Podre ser desconciderada en otros aspectos, ¡pero no cuando se trata de zapatos!

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