The car

Meet the Bel Air.
I love this little car. It's leaking transmission fluid. It's on the to do list, but I have other wrenching projects ahead of this one. Also, for this car on the to-do list: check the carb, I think it could do with a rebuild. At least a few new gaskets. It has a cast iron manifold. I would like to switch that to an aluminum. It's lighter in weight, and I think that might help me get one more mile to my gallons! This car is gluttonous when it comes to petrol.
Hugs, kisses and Shoes,
Les presento el Bel Air.
Me encanta este carrito. Es voraz con la gasolina. Tiene fuga de aceite de transmisión. Lo tengo en lista de mis cosas de reparar, pero tengo otras cosas por encima.
Bss y zapatos,

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